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Two Oceans Film Company shoots bungy jump in New Zealand for Visa

Two Oceans Film Company of Singapore shot on location at the Kawarau Bungy Centre in Queenstown, New Zealand, with a specially rigged BlackMagic camera for a new Visa digital campaign. Kawarau is distinctive for being the world’s first commercial bungy jump site.

The single-shot commercial features a man apparently worrying about the security issues of making online holiday bookings, before he suddenly emerges into the light and takes a bungy jump from the Kawarau Bridge.

Joyride Films serviced the shoot for Two Oceans and the production team attached the BlackMagic camera to a stunt man to get the footage in one shot. Choosing the right specialist rig for the camera proved a challenge. From a technical standpoint the camera needed to be stable throughout the jump, but of course there was the stunt man’s personal safety to consider as well.

“Two Oceans in the end decided to get the Doggicam out of the States due to its flexibility, strength and lightweight design,” explains Anzak Tindall of Joyride:

“The Doggicam was a very effective system to use and was the means of gaining confidence of all involved that what we wanted to do could actually be done effectively and safely. It was quickly modified by our skilful grip to support the BlackMagic camera on our jumpers and safety staff could see right away how reliable the set up was going to be.

“The final results are plain to see in the footage where we stay locked on a close-up of the jumper while the world behind him flies around in bungy-space. It’s a thrilling ride up close and personal with a bungy jumper.”

Over two days the spot was filmed four times with separate stunt men of different ethnic origin for release in different regions of the world.

Client: Visa
Agency: BBDO, Singapore
Production Company: Two Oceans Film Company
Director: Barney Howells
Producer: Aundrea Bligh
Creative Director: Mark Wiggins
Production Service Company: Joyride Films, Auckland
Line Producer: Anzak Tindall


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