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South Africa film professionals to hold government talks over work visa changes

The Cape Film Commission in South Africa will meet with the government later this month to discuss concerns about planned work visa changes. A new visa system is scheduled to be formally launched in October that could cause complications for international shows like Homeland.

Controversial new government plans for the country’s visa system will involve foreign nationals having to arrange their visas and indeed extend them at a South African embassy outside the country.

This is likely to be a huge logistical inconvenience for international film productions bringing foreign talent into the country, and could prompt shoots to take their business elsewhere.

The Cape Film Commission wants to discuss the plan in more detail, while other authorities want the visa changes postponed for a year, reports the Times Media Group.

“We need to understand the full reasoning for the changes to the legislation and see how we can work with the changes, or influence a review to ensure that the best solutions are implemented for the security of the country and to ensure that the economic growth of the [film] industry, together with sustainable job creation, is not compromised,” explained Denis Lillie, head of the Cape Film Commission, the outlet reports.

South Africa is a global production hub for films, TV shows and commercials, and is a popular double for locations around the world, including, increasingly, US shoots. Cape Town Film Studios has helped establish the city’s world-class production credentials and hosts a series of elaborate sets for the high-end pirate drama Black Sails.

(Black Sails image: Starz)


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