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Filmmaster Productions shoots small-town locations in western Italy for Fiat 500X

Filmmaster Productions filmed on location in three separate historic towns in western Italy for a new campaign for the Fiat 500X. The spot features an elderly man losing a Viagra-like pill through a bathroom window and then follows the pill’s bouncing journey across the rooftops.

“The script required the typical little town perched on top of a hilltop that is small and beautiful and Italian,” says Karim Bartoletti, an Executive Producer with Filmmaster Productions: “Because of the different situations that we had, we realised that one town was not going to have all of the locations needed, so we shot in Pitigliano and Sorano to then make it look like only one town, through the great art of editing.”

A complete bedroom set was built in an existing Pitigliano apartment for the opening scenes and the petrol station that appears at the end of the spot was also specially built, this time in Sorano. A remote drone was used for some of the aerial shots over the rooftops, which Bartoletti describes as “fun”.

One of the biggest challenges was in fact keeping the actual car under wraps, as it had not yet been unveiled to the world’s media and the campaign was shot three weeks before the official launch.

“Keeping the car away from possibly getting photographed, Instagrammed and shared on the net was pretty crucial for the surprise factor that the client wanted,” Bartoletti adds: “Fortunately the car was only the protagonist of the last part of the commercial, so we managed to control the issue professionally.”

Agency: The Richards Group
Creative Directors: Lynda Hodge and David Canright
Director: Antony Hoffman
Production Company: Filmmaster Productions
Executive Producer: Karim Bartoletti


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