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Batman V Superman films on location at Michigan State University

Upcoming superhero movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has filmed at Michigan State University (MSU). For the past few months the shoot has been based at Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Detroit.

The production team paid nearly USD 230,000 to cover the logistics involved with location filming in a museum on MSU grounds and they may return for reshoots within the next six months, reports the Lansing State Journal.

“As one of the top universities in the country, MSU attracts a variety of major events from concerts to conferences to athletics to major motion picture shoots,” said MSU spokesman Kent Cassella in a statement to the outlet: “We are always excited to have the opportunity to showcase our campus and mid-Michigan to a variety of audiences.”

Michigan offers a generous filming incentive programme but the annual fund fluctuates and currently has to be renewed annually. This doesn’t seem to have impacted too severely on Michigan’s popularity, although the state is no longer in the top tier of North American production hubs.

Batman v Superman is a follow-up to Man of Steel. The film will introduce Ben Affleck’s incarnation of Batman, plus a selection of additional superheroes that will get their own films in the coming years as Warner Bros seeks to compete with Marvel.

Warner Bros recently announced it will be making at least ten comic book movies over the next five years based on superhero characters from DC’s back-catalogue. It’s likely that these films will be made in production hub cities, but it remains to be seen whether they will stay in the US or follow Marvel’s example and relocate to the UK.


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