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Dubai celebrates Happy New Year movie as Indian filming dominates industry

Dubai will celebrate the release of Bollywood movie Happy New Year tomorrow by hosting the film’s world premiere. The movie stars Shah Rukh Khan and is one of the biggest international films to have shot in the city in a year in which Indian cinema has dominated in Dubai.

Fourteen separate international productions have been assisted by the Dubai Film and TV Commission so far this year, ten of which have been Indian shoots.

“The increasing number of Bollywood productions selecting Dubai as the location of choice for filming, screenings and premieres, is testament to the close ties enjoyed by Dubai and India, as well as the Emirate's growth as a global production hub that can support all of the needs of productions,” said Jamal Al Sharif, who is both Chairman of Dubai Film and TV Commission and Managing Director of Dubai Studio City.

“Dubai's connectivity, world-class infrastructure and diverse locations have set it apart as a leading production destination,” Al Sharif added, “and the Emirate is playing an increasingly important role as a key part of the Bollywood production value chain.”

Happy New Year filmed most of its screen footage on location in Dubai, largely at luxury hotel Atlantis, The Palm, and the premiere will also be held at the hotel. In June the Dubai Film and TV Commission launched an online location permitting system, as well as a production guide (above) to filming in the city. Authorities continue to resist offering a formal filming incentive programme.

Dubai is a popular and convenient filming location for Indian productions, but Abu Dhabi is attracting more Hollywood shoots partly because of its formal 30% filming incentive. Abu Dhabi recently secured location filming for Star Wars: Episode VII, which is thought to be using the city as the alien planet Tatooine, a key location in the Star Wars universe.


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