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The Kettering Incident TV drama to film in Tasmania until December

Eight-part TV miniseries The Kettering Incident will film on location in the Australian state of Tasmania through to December. The drama will be Tasmania’s biggest ever production and the highest-profile local shoot since Willem Dafoe’s The Hunter in 2012.

Location filming is scheduled near state capital Hobart and several million dollars are likely to be spent locally over the course of the shoot, ABC News reports.

“The stunning and enigmatic landscapes are an essential element of The Kettering Incident and, with these amazing backdrops, coupled with a compelling story and remarkable cast, this will be one of the most highly anticipated Australian television dramas of 2015,” said Brian Walsh, Executive Director of the Foxtel TV network, in comments to the outlet.

Added Tasmanian actor Brad Kanegiesser to the outlet: “We're only two hours from Sydney, [but] for some reason that little divide in the water from us to the mainland seems to be a huge gap. But it's really not, and hopefully people are going to start seeing that.”

Australia’s international profile as a country has been boosted over the past year by productions including Angelina Jolie’s World War II biopic Unbroken and Dwayne Johnson’s earthquake drama San Andreas, which doubled Queensland for California.

Filmmakers shooting in Australia can get a 16.5% Location Offset incentive and large-scale productions can also negotiate an additional one-off payment under a programme known as The Incentive. The government continues to face pressure to increase the Location Offset to help Australia compete more effectively with production hubs around the world.


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