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We think you’ll love the new Location Filming Report from The Location Guide

It’s ready! The Location Guide has a sibling and we think it’s awesome! We set ourselves a challenge this year to produce an all-new publication to cater for the needs of our readers in an exciting new way and now we’re unleashing our creation on the world – the Location Filming Report!

What is it? Well, our readers come to us all the time looking for more direct information about production trends in specific regions, both nationally and internationally. We realise how important this knowledge can be during the planning stages of a shoot and we decided that the Location Filming Report would be a great new way to present the details in an easily digestible format.

We offer you unparalleled insight. We offer you the latest trends. We offer you the latest developments throughout the global production industry. What’s more, it’s all been rather brilliantly compiled and written by Sue Hayes, former head of the London Film Commission the Report is available as a digital download through our site.

The Location Filming Report compiles data from film commissions around the world on all types of media production over the past year and presents the information by continent and region. We’ve designed it to be a useful tool for production companies interested in the most notable developing markets and the world’s established filming hubs.

It’s been a challenging task to compile the information with such a level of detail, but the finished product makes it all worthwhile.

Sue Hayes

“We’re proud to present our new Location Filming Report as a companion piece to The Location Guide,” says Jean-Frederic Garcia, Publishing Director at The Location Guide: “For the first time, we offer a Report compiled through detailed discussions with the film commissions that are directly involved with productions on the ground. This offers a unique and – crucially – a global perspective on the production trends that emerged over the past year.”

Sue Hayes adds: “It’s been a challenging task to compile the information with such a level of detail, but the finished product makes it all worthwhile. I hope the Report will be a real asset for production professionals looking for a broad overview taken from the commissions at the true business end of the global industry.”

The Location Filming Report is priced at just USD 75 and is available as a digital publication here.

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