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Somesuch films innovative day/night Honda Civic ad in Croatia and Slovenia

London-based Somesuch filmed on location in Croatia and Slovenia for an innovative new web campaign promoting the Honda Civic Type R. The Other Side enables viewers to toggle between two separate but parallel stories involving a Honda drive during the day and at night.

In the daytime story, a father picks up his kids from school for a casual drive home through a picturesque city. For the parallel after-dark story, the same man is a getaway driver for two thieves following a robbery. The shots telling the two stories are almost identical and crossover elements of the after-dark story appear in the daytime piece, as do some of the urban landmarks.

South Africa and Portugal were both considered as filming locations but the production team eventually chose to film the kids’ school and house in Slovenia, while the wastelands scenes, motorway chase and port locations were shot in Croatia.

“During pre-production, we spent a huge amount of time scouting and tech-reccing locations to ensure they could work for both stories,” explained agency Wieden+Kennedy London.

“Each shot had to be considered in the context of the ‘other side’," the agency continues: "Both films were shot on 35mm to give them a cinematic feel. Daniel Wolfe (the director) and Robbie Ryan (the DoP) wanted to use lots of natural lighting to achieve a beautifully realistic portrayal of the two sides of our story.

“For every shot in the film, we had to bear in mind the other side of the story - creating a narrative that worked for both worlds required an enormous amount of consideration not only in terms of the creative execution but also the shoot prep and logistics on set. With support from the editors on set, we were able to review shots for reference and make sure the other side matched exactly.”

The shoot was serviced by Division Productions.

Watch the trailer for The Other Side below and see the full interactive film here.

Client: Honda
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London
Executive Creative Directors: Tony Davidson and Kim Papworth
Creative Directors: Scott Dungate and Graeme Douglas
TV Producers: Lou Hake and Gemma Knight
Production Company: Somesuch, London
Production Service Company: Division Productions
Director: Daniel Wolfe
Producer: Dougal Meese
Executive Producer: Tim Nash
Director of Photography: Robbie Ryan

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