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Next Star Wars movie confirmed to film at Pinewood Studios in London

The next Star Wars movie will be filmed at Pinewood Studios in London. Star Wars: The Force Awakens recently wrapped its Pinewood shoot as the first in a new trilogy and will be released in 2015. Gareth Edwards will direct the next film, a standalone movie, at Pinewood next year.

Edwards’ movie was in fact confirmed for a UK shoot back in June but this is the first time that Pinewood has been officially revealed as the studio that will host the film.

Ivan Dunleavy, CEO of Pinewood Shepperton, announced the news at the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) Conference in London. Confirming the new James Bond film will soon start filming at Pinewood, he talked about how the iconic franchise supports the UK’s production industry and skills base.

“One of the signature things about Bond movies is that they don’t use much CGI,” Dunleavy told the conference: “What you see in Bond is not the result of the coding expertise of software engineers. What you see is what actually gets built in the vast 007 stage at Pinewood. And what gets built there is huge.

“That means lots of jobs for plasterers and painters and carpenters and electricians and riggers. There were more than 1,000 crew on Skyfall. That’s bigger than an army regiment and explains why the credits include 16 separate people just looking after transport logistics.”

Disney bought Star Wars production company Lucasfilm in 2012. Shortly afterwards, the company announced plans for a new Star Wars trilogy plus three standalone films that are expected to be origin stories for some of the saga’s much-loved characters. Beginning in December 2015, Disney plans to release a new Star Wars film each year for at least six years.

(Images: Disney/Lucasfilm)


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