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Michigan plans to extend filming incentive but with reduced tax credit cap

Michigan is making moves to extend its filming incentive to boost the state’s production appeal, but the current plan also involves reducing the state’s tax credit cap. Detroit was the base for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice but the current filming incentive is set to expire in 2017.

For the past few years the state filming incentive – and its fund – has had to be renewed every 12 months, leaving few long-term assurances for producers.

Authorities have given initial approval to extend the programme to 2021, but the plan also involves lowering the tax credit cap from the current 32% maximum down to 25%.

“There's more good [news] here than there is bad,” said Mark Adler of the Michigan Production Alliance, in comments to Detroit Free Press: “It's a starting point. At least it keeps the conversation going.”

Added Anthony Wenson, head of Michigan Motion Picture Studios: “The bill is really directed toward keeping the film incentives in place and helping them to grow. When we're able to support a major film like Batman V Superman it keeps our facility, our people and our state relevant to the industry. We continue to be a player.”

The filming incentive change has some way to go still before it becomes law, and could change considerably in the coming months.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice recently finished a six-month shoot based in Detroit. The movie was originally set to spend around USD 130 million in Michigan and was awarded a filming incentive payment of USD 35 million.

Detroit will be hoping to secure more superhero movies in the coming years, but faces continuing competition from cities like Toronto, which will host Warners' comic book movie Suicide Squad in 2015.


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