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Las Vegas scores record film year but enters 2015 with defunded incentive

In 2014 some 400 film permits were issued for shoots in Clark County, Nevada, which encompasses Las Vegas, marking a regional record. Nevada launched a filming incentive in January, but the programme was largely defunded in September.

The filming incentive offers a tax credit worth up to 19% of eligible local spending and was originally launched with an annual fund of USD 20 million. After only a few months, much of the money was abruptly reduced and redirected elsewhere in the state economy.

In fact, the filming tax credit appears to have had a minimal impact on the number of permits issued. Just seven of the 400 permits granted went to productions that had applied for the incentive. Nonetheless, the Clark County Commission is understandably happy with the new increase.

“We live in a world-famous city with great weather and iconic locations that make Clark County an ideal place to film,” said Steve Sisolak, chairman of the Commission: “The end products enhance the popularity and visibility of Clark County to national and international audiences.

“The increase in film permits is another sign of our improving economy, and an indication that this industry is poised for even more growth here.”

Las Vegas is a popular setting in film and TV, but few high-profile productions actually shoot there for any length of time, mainly due to the expense. The original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is set in Las Vegas, but films primarily in California. Recent comedy Last Vegas (above) built hotel spaces as film sets in Atlanta to benefit from Georgia’s generous filming incentive.

Several of the iconic Las Vegas hotels have their own dedicated film units to help reduce costs for high-profile productions shooting on their premises.


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