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Seven Senses films new VW Tiguan commercial on location in central Spain

Madrid-based Seven Senses filmed in central Spain for a commercial for the VW Tiguan. The spot features a group of dads fleeing a group family barbecue for a drive through grasslands and across dramatic cliff tops.

The production team needed filming locations that offered as much diversity as possible within relatively short distances of each other. Given a three-day shooting schedule, they wanted to film at least two locations a day.

Locations were considered in the popular Almeria Desert in southern Spain. In the north there were options in the Bardenas Reales region, which also offered access to scenic mountain roads in the Pyrenees.

The team ended up focussing instead on the centre of the country, with the house found in Madrid and the forest and cliff locations discovered within 120 km of the capital. They shifted further south to Andalucia for the final shoot day.

The team filmed in a house in Madrid and used forest and cliff locations within 120 km of the capital.

“Instead of choosing the famous Tabernas desert in Almeria, our director would rather use the red dirt tracks of an old iron mining town in La Calahorra (Granada),” explain William Welsh and Ander Zubiri of Seven Senses.

“The red dust mixed with the background of the snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains gave the African look Daniel wanted for the location closing the commercial. In post-production we added an even bigger mountain with Kilimanjaro in mind as a reference.”

Spain is a hugely popular filming location. In the last few years the country’s international appeal has been primarily for commercials such as the recent shoot for BMW set at the dawn of man, which was filmed in the Almerian Desert.

Big-budget international features have been less common due to the lack of formal filming incentives. This is now starting to change. Ridley Scott doubled Andalucia for ancient Egypt for his biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings, and Game of Thrones filmed in and around Seville for its upcoming fifth season.

Client: VW Tiguan
Agency: DDB Barcelona
Production Company: Seven Senses, Madrid
Director: Daniel Azancot
Director of Photography: Christos Voudouris


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