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Radical Media films swarming mechanics in California for new Audi spot

Radical Media filmed in and around Los Angeles for a new Audi spot built around swarming mechanics in scenes that recall the zombies of World War Z. The ad shows an Audi being chased by rogue mechanics as the motorist seeks maintenance from an official Audi service centre.

“Most of it was filmed in Newhall and Lancaster, California,” explains Christoph Petzenhauser, a producer with Radical Media: “In addition to that we shot in Burbank Airport, as well as in Los Angeles."

“We chose these locations because they provided the necessary epicness and size to stage this massive hunt," he adds: "We wanted vastness. We liked the colours, we liked the dust. From a production point of view we had to be able to lock-down entire sets.”

No other filming locations were considered as the production team felt they needed a California shoot for proximity to the visual effects teams and stunt personnel that would give the spot its distinctive visuals.

“Our production designer KK Barrett did an excellent job in making best use of what the locations provided and to enrich them with signs, carefully chosen picture cars and props,” Petzenhauser continues.

Newhall is a district of Santa Clarita, which has remained one of the most popular filming locations in California over the past few years. The local industry has in fact grown while the rest of the state has suffered a persistent runaway production problem, partly due to a limited filming incentive programme.

Santa Clarita’s popularity stems from various localised filming incentives and the presence of several specialised movie ranches. American Sniper filmed extensively at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, which has a standing set of a Middle Eastern town.

Client: Audi
Agency: Thjnk Berlin GmbH
Creative Director: Siyamak Seyedasgari
Director: Sebastian Strasser
Production Company: RadicalMedia Berlin
Director of Photography: Roman Vasyanov
Producers: Christoph Petzenhauser, Kathy Rhodes and Yan Schoenefeld


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