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Tangerine Films and FPS Productions shoot Canon campaign in Istanbul

Tangerine Films and FPS Productions have shot a new campaign for Canon cameras in Istanbul. A series of short films follow a popular photography couple, a graffiti artist, a travel blogger and a group of free runners as they trial Canon equipment in the Turkish city.

The production team took their subjects to filming locations across the city, depending on their specific preferences and styles.

“We had limited daylight as we shot in late December but we had sunshine,” says Birsin Gandolfi, line producer for FPS Productions: “It was a mild winter and we had clear skies most of the time. But to race with the daylight and try to shoot more than four locations in a day was challenging."

“We shot with two units working at the same time and we had the brilliant photographers Jason Knott and Henrik Knudsen with us to take campaign photos. We were afraid of not being able to use the drone due to possible weather difficulties but it turned out to be a beautiful calm day so we managed to use it on top of a skyscraper location and in Istanbul’s narrow alleys.”

Prep time for the shoot was minimal, but the team was ably supported by local authorities and was able to get permits processed in less than 24 hours, rather than the usual three days.

Client: Canon Europa
Production Companies: Tangerine Films and FPS Productions
Producers: Richard Guy and George Arton
Directors: Mark Rodway and Will Smith
Production Service Company: FPS Productions
Line Producer: Birsin Gandolfi
Directors of Photography: Christopher Clark and Samuel Care


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