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Pinewood Studios makes motion capture filming partnership with Centroid

Pinewood Studios has announced a production partnership with Centroid, a company that specialises in full performance capture technology. Centroid is already based at Pinewood and has been involved with Guardians of the Galaxy and Godzilla.

Performance capture technology is now widely used by filmmakers to convert an actor’s performance into a digital character on-screen.

Often misunderstood as a form of animation, the process is dependent on the root performance of an actor, with the technical process effectively a form of digital make-up that creates the look of the final character.

“As part of Pinewood's expanding services we now offer a world-class motion capture service,” said Jules Robinson, Pinewood’s Head of Business Development: “This will offer our clients a creative, cost effective, and innovative service.

“Centroid’s motion capture experience is second to none and so we are pleased to have created this partnership and to be able to offer it to our clients.”

Added Phil Stilgoe, Centroid CEO: “This new partnership between Pinewood and Centroid is a significant step in developing a greater connection to the studios existing cutting edge services and we look forward to incorporating our strengths and capabilities in the VFX broadcast sector."

As part of Pinewood's expanding services we now offer a world-class motion capture service.

Jules Robinson, Pinewood Head of Business Development

“Centroid welcomes this opportunity to further establish our business and to be able to offer our range of services within the group’s framework.”

Pinewood Studios is about to begin a major expansion project and recently announced new plans to raise GBP 30 million to part-fund the development. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the biggest movie to shoot at Pinewood in London in 2014, and the next two Star Wars films will also be shot at the facility.


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