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Gustavo Productions creates industrial water park filming for Sprite in Kiev

Gustavo Productions turned an industrial site in Kiev, Ukraine, into an improvised water park for a spot promoting soft drink Sprite. The campaign follows a group of skaters hooking a hose to a high crane and creating a refreshing waterfall as they unwind in the summer heat.

Filming took place on the Podilsko-Voskresenskyi Bridge in Kiev, and at the city’s Old Shipyard. Although a full-size crane was used for wide shots, a smaller 12-metre version was also supplied for shots showing the cast clambering to set up the hose.

Three different rain machines were used to create the right waterfall and droplet effects for shots following the skater and riders on the ground.

We built and tested a customised rain system to ensure the correct rain density on wide shots.

Maria Fabrychnikova, 2332 Films

“We needed an enormous amount of water per second to be able to reach the needed density of the rain ‘wall’ and it would mean having between five and eight water trucks full of water on standby at all times,” says Maria Fabrychnikova of service company 2332 Films.

“This solution was very expensive and time-consuming so we came up with an idea to use powerful pumps to extract the water from the river directly into the rain system. We built and tested a customised rain system to ensure the correct rain density on wide shots.”

Ramps and wide pipes were also set out for the cast at the Old Shipyard location, with the stunts all carefully planned before the shoot.

“The stunts were divided between the professional BMX and skate riders who were cast for the film,” Fabrychnikova adds: “Real stuntmen performed the most dangerous stunts like running 20 metres above the bridge and jumping into a swimming pool on a BMX bike.”

Client: Sprite (CBC)
Agency: Bauman Ber Rivnai
Production Company: Gustavo Productions
Director: Rani Carmeli
Director of Photography: Roman Linetsky
Production Service Company: 2332 Films, Kiev


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