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Cannes Lions Soiree Partner 2015: Production Service Network

Production Service Network (PSN) has been a regular partner of The Location Guide at Cannes Lions and will be joining us again this year for our annual Soiree fringe event. Camino Media launched PSN in March 2014 and the organisation has exclusive partners around the world.

Sustainable building of PSN from a shoot support solution across Europe to one with global reach has been a key objective of the Founder and Director of Production, Michael Moffett.

“We’re responding to feedback from content producers that value tapping into our local knowledge and working with real ‘boots on the ground’,” Moffett explains.

“It is critical to provide this support from bid development to a successful shoot wrap in order to ultimately deliver the best balance between creativity and available budget.”

Top shoot locations around the world, along with a few lesser-known gems, make up the growing list of countries that is each represented by one select PSN partner.

“More than 30 thoroughly vetted companies based in strategic shoot destinations are now PSN partners,” Moffett adds: “Our one-stop shop now provides local shoot support on both sides of the equator to offer a location for every season.

“We’ve had the pleasure of presenting our local shoot support to globe-trotting producers from around the world. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. There’s no better place than the Soiree to celebrate.”

PSN offers clients the added advantage of being able to connect directly with its production service partners around the world through just one initial contact. The network’s recent productions include commercials for Sampoerna, Sony, Nano Universe, Toyota and Uniqlo.

To find out more about PSN click here.

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