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Michigan ends filming incentive months after Batman V Superman wrap

Michigan has ended its filming incentive programme. The news comes only a few months after superhero movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice wrapped principal photography in Detroit. However, the incentive itself had been in turmoil since the start of the year.

Michigan’s filming incentive was in fact extended late last year, but then opponents of the programme campaigned to reverse the decision from January. The Governor has finalised the move.

The Michigan Film Office will technically get a USD 25 million film fund for the next fiscal year, but none of that sum will be available for new incentive deals. Eventually the film office is likely to be absorbed into Michigan’s state government departments.

Filmmaker Zack Snyder filmed Batman V Superman largely at Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Detroit. Before that Michael Bay shot extensive action scenes for Transformers: Age of Extinction on a specially-built Hong Kong set, also in Detroit.

Both productions received generous filming incentive support. Without this, the major Hollywood studios are unlikely to now consider Michigan as a viable location.

“It’s important that we support creativity and innovation in our state, and we’ll continue to have a Michigan Film Office to assist moviemakers and production staff,” said Governor Rick Snyder.

“Michigan has much to offer the movie industry, including top-notch talent and beautiful backdrops that will continue to draw filmmakers to Michigan even without taxpayer-funded incentives.”

Snyder’s comments overlook the reality of big-budget Hollywood economics, but the cancellation reflects the continuing unpopularity of filming incentives across many parts of the US.


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