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BBC series The Musketeers is highest-spending shoot to film Czech Republic

The BBC’s period series The Musketeers was the biggest-spending international production to shoot in the Czech Republic in 2014. Two series of the drama have filmed near Prague, spending around USD 25 million, according to figures from the Audiovisual Producers’ Association.

Serviced by Czech Anglo Productions, The Musketeers is described as second only to historical drama The Borgias in terms of the impact an incentive-driven shoot has had on the Czech Republic’s production industry.

The Musketeers (right) is set in period France, but chose to film in the Czech Republic partly because the country offered a greater choice of historical architecture.

For the first series, producers built a 17th century village set in the town of Doksany near Prague.

Producers filming in the Czech Republic can access a 20% filming incentive and the annual fund has steadily increased each year.

“The successful rebate scheme is drawing more and more foreign productions to the Czech Republic,” said Ludmila Claussová, the Czech Film Commissioner.

“The next six months look even more promising, and we are thrilled to welcome several big-budget productions, including some from the US.”

Gothic action sequel Underworld: Next Generation - a saga built around a war between vampires and werewolves - will be one of the biggest movies to shoot in Prague this year.

“The Czech Republic has world-class locations, great production facilities and international-calibre crew, as well as a straightforward, efficient production rebate,” said Richard Wright, of Lakeshore Entertainment: “It’s a great place for us to be.”

International production spending increased by nearly 20% in 2014 compared to the previous year, with foreign producers channelling around USD 140 million into the Czech economy.

(Image: BBC)


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