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Mel Gibson to film war drama Hacksaw Ridge on location in Australia

Mel Gibson will direct true-life Second World War feature Hacksaw Ridge on location in New South Wales (NSW) with a base in Sydney at Fox Studios Australia. The film will tell the story of Desmond Doss, the only conscientious objector to ever win the US Medal of Honor.

Doss served with distinction in the Pacific during the Second World War, but as a conscientious objector he refused to carry a weapon. He was wounded numerous times but still saved nearly 80 lives during the Battle of Okinawa in mid-1945.

Hacksaw Ridge will spend around USD 20 million on location around Sydney and elsewhere in New South Wales.

“I can't think of a better place to shoot this film than here in Sydney and NSW, where I was fortunate to have grown up and started my career,” said Gibson: “The support from the NSW government has been overwhelming in ensuring the best production value possible.”

“Earlier this year, Ausfilm hosted the film’s Director, Mel Gibson, on a location scout across three states as part of Ausfilm’s annual Familiarisation Program targeting international filmmakers,” commented Debra Richards, head of Ausfilm.

“The production team toured Australia’s sound stages, leading post, sound and visual effects studios in addition to meeting with key crew and creatives.

“The film’s producer, Bill Mechanic (President/CEO of Pandemonium) is well acquainted with Australia having recently shot the feature film The Moon and The Sun and 2:22.”

Australia has doubled for the Japanese islands before, with high-end Second World War miniseries The Pacific having filmed in and around Cairns in North Queensland. More recently, Sydney and its surrounds stood in for Japanese locations for Hugh Jackman’s standalone X-Men spinoff The Wolverine.

Queensland has become a particular production hub in Australia. Unbroken, San Andreas and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 have all used Village Roadshow Studios near Gold Coast as a base.

Eligible productions filming in Australia can access one of three federal filming incentives, including a Location Offset and a tax credit for post-production and visual effects work.


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