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Media Toaster launches to offer post-production services in California

New technology company Media Toaster has launched in Burbank, California, offering content delivery and post-production services, including audio. Chief Technical Officer Michael Meis has worked on projects including The Walking Dead and Killing Me Softly.

Media Toaster was designed and built by Nick Smerigan, who has a background building and operating recording facilities. He also has extensive experience designing, constructing and operating film studios, including Albuquerque Studios (right) in New Mexico and Atlanta Film Studios in Georgia.

“Because of the company's proprietary system, they essentially built an entertainment technology company, designed and engineered to create and deliver content with incomparable efficiency,” explained Meis.

“By implementing our innovative Media Reimagined workflow system, our clients are able to meet and exceed their goals from content creation to delivery. With our advanced methods of quality control and archiving, we are able to streamline the delivery process and eliminate the gridlock typically encountered by distributors and content providers.”

Media Toaster offers the ability to reach deadlines for clients around the world sometimes in a matter of hours rather than days and weeks. The company also has the technology to make foreign language integration more efficient.

“Our proprietary and patent-pending archival process will take into account all foreign languages locked to picture with metadata, closed captions and subtitles and it's all self-contained within the one single container file,” added Meis.

“This file with all the necessary check-backs for mastered content and final deliverables can then be pushed out globally over the internet. This is what sets us apart from the rest.”

To find out more about Media Toaster click here.


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