Written by Tom Deehan on Nov 5, 2015. Posted in On Location

A closer look at the Austrian location used for filming Spectre

If you’ve seen Spectre then you’ll know that in his latest film James Bond visits a range of locations. TLG recently reported on the filming of Spectre in London but now we’re taking a look at the portion of the film shot in Austria. To be precise it is the region of Tirol that features in the film for multiple scenes including a high speed car chase.

Cine Tirol Film Commission, who handled the project explained: “catering to such a big production was the result of having the perfect locations. These include the ‘IceQ’, high above Sölden in the midst of the Tyrolean Alps, easily accessible by road up to 3000 metres and full infrastructure on the mountain summit and in the valley, provided by the local tourist office and cable car company.

They continue: “another location was Obertilliach, a mountain village with traditional architecture plus maximum support from the local community ranging from the mayor to hotel owners, coupled with excellent co-operation amongst Location Austria – The Austrian Film Commission, FISA – Film Location Austria, Tourist Offices Ötztal Tourismus and Obertilliach, Cable Car Companies Sölden and Obertilliach, Tirol State Government, Tirol Tourism Board and Cine Tirol Film Commission.

In explaining what Tirol has to offer above other similar locations, they added: “Tirol offers the combination of stunning Alpine wilderness and highly efficient infrastructure nearby, with an experienced local crew. This has attracted more than 500 international and national film productions since the founding of Cine Tirol back in 1998. Huge international productions like Chalet Girl , xXx, Last Holiday, Crazy Canucks, Extreme Ops, as well as commercials for BMW, Mercedes, Samsung, Shell, Sony Ericsson, etc.”


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