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Eight part drama series The Halcyon commissioned by ITV

An eight part drama series from Left Bank Pictures titled The Halcyon, has been commissioned for filming by ITV. The show is scheduled to film in London and surrounding areas from April 2016. Left Bank’s previous work with ITV includes the made-for-TV film about the life of comedian Tommy Cooper, Not Like That, Like This.

The show will be set in 1940s London, depicting the way in which the Second World War affected the lives of the city’s inhabitants, ranging from families, politics, and other aspects of the social spectrum. The depicted characters will be associated in some way to the Halcyon hotel, either as guests or members of staff.

ITV’s Director of Drama Steve November explained: “a hotel is the perfect place to show ambition in telling the story of World War II... it was an extraordinary time in our country’s history, and London was a transforming city. The Halcyon takes us right to the heart of this as the hotel is busy, energetic, and vibrant which reflects how people carried on with their lives with defiance in the air,”

Left Bank Chief Executive Andy Harries added: “1940 is one of the most dramatic years in our islands history. Who could have imagined that London would survive the blitz and Luftwaffe’s attempted destruction of the city? What was it like to be in a 5 star hotel in the West End through this extraordinary period?”

While no details have been given regarding the location that will become the Halcyon hotel itself, a BBC produced series titled Dancing on the Edge filmed at the Grand Hotel in Birmingham when depicting a British hotel in the 1930s.

Any scripted television shows with a minimum expenditure of GBP1 million per broadcast hour are eligible to receive the UK High-end TV Tax Relief. This incentive offers productions a tax rebate of up to 25%. A popular example of an ITV production to receive this incentive is the period drama, Downton Abbey.


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