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Filming at an all time high for Santa Clarita in 2015

The film industry of Santa Clarita received a huge boost in 2015 as a record number of productions flocked to use the Californian city as a filming location. According to the Santa Clarita Film Office, 2015 held a total of 565 film permits and 1,372 location film days, an improvement of 13 and 2 percent over 2014 respectively.

We continue to stay committed to making Santa Clarita a top choice for filming.

It should be noted that this report does not consider the amount of filming that took place on official sound stages. It is estimated that around USD30 million was brought into the city through filming last year.

Mayor Bob Kellar explains: “we continue to stay committed to making Santa Clarita a top choice for filming… this is evidenced by the increasing number of permits and the number of locally-based shows here in Santa Clarita.”

Of the productions filmed throughout 2015 in Santa Clarita, the most prolific were television shows as they made up for over half of the overall filming. This includes the new Seth MacFarlane produced sitcom Blunt Talk and Marvel’s spin off series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. On the side of feature films the city hosted productions such as N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton and comedy sequel Ted 2.

Part of what makes Santa Clarita so appealing as a location is its close proximity to Los Angeles, alongside affordable film permits with a fast turnaround rate. The city also offers its own incentive programme alongside the potential tax rebate offered at the state level. The details of the incentive vary depending on the expenditure of any given production, but it currently operates on an annual fund of USD75,000.


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