Written by Tom Deehan on Jan 15, 2016. Posted in General Interest

It’s official, Santa Fe will be opening its own Film Commission

After plans were announced in 2015 regarding Mayor Javier Gonzales’ intent to build a new film commission in Santa Fe, the City Council have agreed to move forward on the idea. The commission will be provided with an annual budget of USD50,000 and will open 6 to 12 months after Mayor Gonzales appoints its members of staff.

We have a huge opportunity... to attract not only more films but to grow a true industry that allows for multiple job opportunities.

Despite Gonzales’ passion for this project, the idea was met with some backlash from other members of the City Council. Councillor Joseph Maestas explains: “it would have been good to maybe have a more robust discussion, and have a discussion about the assessment of the [film] industry and see what success our own staff resources have had… I just think the optics are not good. We’re sending the wrong message in expanding government in the face of a deficit.”

In his response to such scepticism, Gonzales adds: “we need to start investing in areas that are going to grow our economy in places that allow people in Santa Fe to get access to real jobs that have good wages with the upward and social mobility that is needed… we have a huge opportunity, because we are Santa Fe, to attract not only more films but to grow a true industry that allows for multiple job opportunities. But we’ve got no plan on how to get there.”

In the past, any productions heading to Santa Fe have had to work in conjunction with the New Mexico Film Office, but the inspiration to build a film commission specifically for the city comes from the success of the Albuquerque Film Office.

Albuquerque, which is also located in the state of New Mexico has seen immense success with AMC’s Breaking Bad and its spin-off series Better Call Saul. Santa Fe on the other hand has recently been featured in Adam Sandler’s Netflix comedy The Ridiculous 6. New Mexico currently offers up to 30% back in tax credits for productions filming in the state with an eligible expenditure.


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