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LMGA rebrands as LMGI and opens nominations for its award ceremony

The Location Managers Guild of America will officially rebrand itself to become the Location Managers Guild International. Alongside this change, the nomination process is now open for the LMGA Awards with January 11th being the final day to submit a piece of work.

Regarding the rebrand, LMGA’s First Vice President and Academy member Lori Balton explains: “thanks to overwhelming support from members, the LMGA has gone global - just in time for the new year! We have officially rebranded as the Location Managers Guild International. This change is indicative of our dynamic growth over the past years, with new members from across the United States and around the world.  This positive change reflects years of hard work and outreach, promoting excellence on location worldwide.”

Producer and Location Manager Kent Matsuoka added: “The LMGA membership recognises the global scope of our industry, that it’s not just about London, New York, and Los Angeles, but just in the past year, location professionals have been called on to scour frozen glaciers in Iceland, searing deserts in Abu Dhabi, the base camp at Everest, and gang-controlled Juarez.”

He continues: “we would like to recognise more of our international brothers and sisters who help made these scenes possible, but need your help to identify these talented individuals with a nomination. If you know of any worthy individuals, please hurry, submissions close Monday night!”

The third annual LMGA awards will be taking place Saturday, April 9th 2016 with the venue soon to be announced. With these awards, the LMGA seeks to honour Location Managers from around the world for their work in film, television or commercials. Last year’s winners included Nancy Haecker and Batou Chandler, for their work on Wild and True Detective respectively.

The awards in contention for this year’s ceremony include: Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary Film, Outstanding Film Commission/Office, and Outstanding Locations in a Commercial, amongst others. The requirements for eligibility can be found in detail on LMGA’s website.

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