Written by Tom Deehan on Feb 29, 2016. Posted in On Location / Production News

Baywatch reboot begins filming on location in Miami

The reboot of the iconic 1980s American television show Baywatch has begun filming on location in Miami Beach, Florida. While the original series made stars of both David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, the upcoming film will feature the established talent of Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, with Seth Gordon directing.

Johnson took to Instagram to detail the production’s filming: “great day on the beach for Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon. Beat up bad guys, saved a puppy from drowning and gave a woman mouth to mouth, who I think totally pretended to drown so I'd save her.”

It was initially believed that the production would film exclusively in Georgia, but it now appears as though filming will move to Broward County and then Savannah, after the Miami scenes are completed.

With regards to film incentives, Florida and Georgia represent complete opposites of the spectrum. Despite having an incentive programme in operation which offers up to 30% back in transferable tax credits, Florida’s system has already allocated all of its funding, rendering it effectively useless. There are efforts currently being made to renegotiate the state’s incentives programme before it expires on July 1st 2016.

Georgia on the other hand maintains an incentives system that also offers 30% in tax credits and has benefited significantly from it. Georgia is currently one of the most popular states for filming within the US, in close competition with California, New Mexico and New York. Recent productions to have filmed on location within the state include The Hunger Games series and crime drama Triple 9.


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