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Joshua Tree India announces short film competition: The Mssing Plot

Mumbai based Production Company, Joshua Tree Films has announced its very own short film competition entitled The Mssing Plot. Joshua Tree will provide all contestants with the same pre-filmed opening scene as filmmakers, both amateur and professional will be expected to make their own short film from that piece, regardless of what genre they choose.

The Mssing Plot aims to inspire creativity when faced with only a few instructions. All filmmakers from various points of industry are encouraged to sign up.

A total of eight panellists from around the world have been selected to adjudicate the competition including Spanish Director Alejandro Toledo, English Producer and Writer Alistair Fryer and Australian Cinematographer Frank Flick.

Joshua Upputuru, Founder and Executive Producer of Joshua Tree Films details: “the idea behind having such a dynamic jury was to make sure that the entries were judged on all aspects and that the results are all encompassing. That’s why we approached Directors, creative heads with advertising agencies, Producers as well as Cinematographers and we do we believe that we are very lucky to have gotten the jury that we finally did.”

Panellist Marc Wilkins adds: “the best way to become a better filmmaker is not to study, not to read, not to watch films but to practice, to explore, to try, to error. The Mssing Plot is a wonderful challenge and a great opportunity for filmmakers all over the world to sharpen their storyteller-skills. I am excited to be part of the jury and can’t wait to watch the short cinematic treasures coming together.”

Gold and silver statuettes can be won, while a red statue will be awarded to a single contestant for ‘Best Plot of the Year’ and accompanies EUR24,000 worth of production in Romania, to allow the winner to shoot their next film.

The competition will begin May 2nd and contestants will be given 10 days to submit their work. The registration process is now open at themssingplot.com.

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