Written by Tom Deehan on Jun 16, 2016. Posted in General Interest

Cannes Soirée Partner 2016: Fresco Film

The Malaga-based Production Service Company, Fresco Film is returning as a sponsor for The Location Guide’s Cannes Soirée at the 2016 Cannes Lion Festival. Fresco Films specialises in service production throughout Spain and Portugal, having catered to a number of high profile productions including seasons five and six of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and the upcoming series Emerald City.

Spain currently enjoys a 15% tax credit incentive, with a completely new incentive programme set to hit Portugal in late 2016.

Luis Montalvo of Fresco Film explains: “Cannes has always been the perfect meeting point to catch up with clients, potential believers and fellow colleagues. No change in protocol this year, if anything, as a new team player at Fresco and first time attending Cannes, I hope to reveal the face behind the name.

“In an era of digital and virtual social networking a bit of old school gatherings adds trustworthiness and is constructive towards future business.”

Fresco Film also has experience with commercials productions and offers a number of post-production facilities. Tate Araez, one of Fresco Film’s Location Managers won the award for 'Outstanding Locations in a Period Television Series' at the LMGI awards in 2016 for his work on Game of Thrones.

For more information on Fresco Film, click here.

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