Written by Tom Deehan on Jun 16, 2016. Posted in General Interest

Cannes Soirée Partner 2016: Tenerife Film Commission

The Tenerife Film Commission (TFC) will return as a sponsor for The Location Guide’s Cannes Soirée at Cannes Lions 2016. The TFC seeks to ensure the best possible experience for productions hoping to film on location in Tenerife, by providing a number of services including swift acquisition of filming permits and an extensive locations directory.

Concha Díaz Ferrer of the TFC explains: “Tenerife Film Commission is supporting and attending Cannes Soiree as we want to remind European producers that in sunny Tenerife, Canary Islands we can host any production any time of the year. We have a great 35% tax rebate for film, but we love to keep commercial’s shootings.”

“We will be at the event with some of our more important local production companies, so producers will know not only of locations, but also who to work with.”

The TFC has been in operation since 2000 and has amassed incredible expertise after working with a multitude of international productions over the years, including Doctor Who and Fast and Furious 6.

For more information about The Tenerife Film Commission, click here.

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