Written by Tom Deehan on Jun 6, 2016. Posted in On Location

Just So swings by Miami Golf Course to film Audemars Piguet commercial

London based Production Company/Advertising Agency Just So have shot their latest commercial for Audermans Piguet on the Coral Gables golf course in Miami. The commercial brings together a number of high-profile Golfers including Darren Clark and Ian Poulter to create the ultimate dream team, as they showcase their skills on an empty golf course after hours.

Having the commercial set at night required unique lighting to emphasise the movements of the talent. Sara Conlon, Agency Producer at Just So explains: “the effects were captured in-camera. We created bespoke clubs with LED lights imbedded into the shaft, and scattered phosphorescent pebbles into the bunkers so what you see in the film is what the golfers saw on the night. VFX were used but only to clean up what we caught on camera.”

She continues: “we wanted to deliver something innovative, beautiful and honest that was also practically achievable in a very short space of time. Drawing on Picasso’s light paintings and Anthony McCall’s light installations for inspiration, we created scenarios on the course that could be executed within the short time frame we had with the ambassadors.”

Despite having a film incentive programme written into law, Florida’s scheme is effectively defunct due to a lack of funding. The last production to claim the incentive was HBO’s Ballers in 2014.

Plans emerged in April 2016 to install an incentive programme specific to the Miami-Dade area after failed attempts to restore the state-level incentive. Thanks to the state’s iconic locations, productions are still choosing to shoot on location in Florida with the most recent example being the film adaptation of Baywatch, starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.


Agency/Production Company/Post-production: Just So

Agency Producer: Sara Conlon

Executive Producers: Jono Stevens and Jonny Madderson

Director: Gabe Turner

Editors: Julian Fletcher and Will Evans

Colourist: Steve Atkins

VFX Artist: Ben Benton

Sound Mix: Dave Williams


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