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While its industry improves Chile grows as a production service platform, hand in hand with Shoot in Chile

Shoot in Chile, an alliance of the of the most important houses of production services in Chile made a grand appearance at the Cannes Lions Festival 2016 to exhibit the potential that Chile has for audiovisual production of any format and the latest novelties in the industry.

The aim was to make known the continued refinement of growth that has developed in the Chilean audiovisual industry, to respond to the customer needs with the best international standards, as well announce the latest news of the Chilean industry.

“We have achieved a series of agreements and conventions with most relevant actors of the market, such as the one signed with the Chilean Asociation of Model Agencies, that enables us to pay buyouts only to the talent that remains in the final cut” points Cristóbal Sotomayor, new President of the Services Producers Asociation of Audovisual Production APSP.

To advertise these advancements, Shoot in Chile in collaborated with The Location Guide to carry out an evening lounge cocktail with customers and friends in Plage Goeland during the festival activities of Cannes Lions.

What is happening in the Chilean industry?

The National Council for Culture and Arts of Chile, together with the Ministry of Economy, the Investment Promotion Agency Invest Chile and Corfo, signed an unparalleled agreement to generate a plan for the international development of the Chilean audiovisual industry. This includes an agreement with the Pinewood Studios Group, for the company to assess the possibility of lift facilities in Chile, besides the imminent implementation of an incentive mechanism for the realization of productions of high budget in Chile to be defined this year. All these steps require a prepared industry to receive increasingly and best projects in Chile, points Joyce Zylberberg, Director of Film Commission Chile, dependent of the the National Council for the Arts and Culture.

For these reasons Shoot in Chile, in conjunction with ProChile, an office under the Ministry of foreign affairs of Chile and Chile Film Commission, will work arduously in the facilitation of processes and protocols for incoming international productions.

Soon to be imminent is the formal agreement with the Chilean Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) to regulate and authorise filming with drones in populated places and specific permission in more complex opportunities, where there are participation of peoples.

An agreement between National Television of Chile and the APSP is also on the way, where the participating Producers of the association are given access to sound proof studios for the filming of their projects.

The Chilean industry does not hold back for the facilities that it provides to its customers.

Chile continues dazzling international producers by the enormous beauty of locations on offer, such as landscapes as well as urban areas, with the possibility gaining access a wide variety of spots less than two hours from the city. A filmmaker can shoot a dawn of a modern city and in the afternoom another one in the mountain or the snow, to end with a spectacular sunset at the beach only 100 kilometers from the city.

With an increasingly experienced crew, modern equipment and the only country in Latin America that has the ATA card, alongside their liability, the transparency and security in the country, as well as organizations and services with a standard at the height of many cities in United States; make Chile a unique platform in Latin America for films.

“For all these reasons and an efficient cost proposal, our country is consolidating itself as a destination of high standards for the development of audiovisual productions”, highlights Pedro Pablo Cabrera, Director of the Association of Producers of production services (APSP) and of Shoot in Chile.

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