Written by Tom Deehan on Jul 21, 2016. Posted in On Location / Production News

Nova Scotia Film Fund increases for Stephen King’s The Mist

A television adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist will film on location in Nova Scotia. To accommodate for a large scale production spend, estimated to be USD22.8 million, the NS Film Fund has been permitted a monetary increase of USD6 million to cover a tax rebate of USD5.9 million.

The increase was announced in conjunction with the full list of productions to be funded over the coming year. Some of the more prolific projects include season 11 of The Trailer Park Boys and the TV series Pure, earning funding of over USD1 million and over USD2 million respectively.

Laurel Broten, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc. explains: “Nova Scotia Business Inc. is excited to work with the film and creative industry as part of our mandate on behalf of Nova Scotians. In addition to administering the Film and Television Production Incentive Fund, NSBI also works with businesses in many sectors by offering business advice, education and information sessions, international business training, trade market research, and business development.”

Domestic and co-production entities can receive funding of up to 26% on all eligible costs incurred in Nova Scotia, decreasing to 25% for foreign productions. All productions can access an extra 3% if they film locally for more than 30 days and shoot at least 51% of the project outside the Halifax region.

Having already received the cinematic treatment with Frank Darabont’s 2007 adaptation of the novel, The Mist depicts the end of the world as a mist filled with otherworldly monsters descends upon earth, forcing mankind to fight for survival.

Filming for The Mist will take place largely in Halifax and Windsor, and will no-doubt boost the popularity of these locations in the future. In the past, Nova Scotia has provided the backdrop for the Canadian-American co-production series, Haven.


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