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Chinese commercial for TCL 750 Smartphone shot on location in Turkey

Working on their latest commercial for the TCL 750 Smartphone, Chinese Production Company Cat and Mouse opted to shoot on location in Turkey, with Jaguar Projects providing production services. The locations featured in the commercial include Istanbul, the Aspendos Antique Theatre in Antalya and Pamukkale in Denizli.

Both Cat and Mouse and Jaguar Projects are members of the Production Service Network, which simplifies the process of contacting companies abroad.

Chad Ozturk of Jaguar Projects explains: “the client was looking for a cost effective exotic location so PSN China contacted us as we are part of PSN Turkey. Turkey has a variety of locations and we suggested many places but the final three were chosen for aesthetic reasons. We shot with a very small crew, almost guerrilla style because we had lots of locations to scout and shoot in a limited number of days.”

As one of the largest and topographically diverse countries in Eastern Europe, Turkey has a great deal of location variety on offer for productions. The country’s potential has allowed it to appear in such high profile productions as the James Bond flick Skyfall and Taken 2 starring Liam Neeson.

While the country is currently without an official incentive programme, there are other methods of financial assistance available in Turkey. Foreign productions can apply for a VAT refund from the Ankara, Istanbul or Izmir tax departments.

A 25% tax rebate was announced by Turkey’s Minister of Culture in 2014 but the programme has yet to launch officially and no updates have been provided on the current state of the scheme.

TCL 750 Smartphone from JaguarProjects on Vimeo.


Client : TCL
Production Company : Cat and Mouse Production, China
Director : Ho Nan Hung
Producer : Tiger Cheng
Line Producer in Turkey : Chad Ozturk
Line produced by JaguarProjects in Istanbul, Denizli and Antalya


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