Written by Tom Deehan on Dec 7, 2016. Posted in General Interest

Texas Film Commission officially certifies Corpus Christi as a film friendly location

After receiving confirmation in September 2015 from the Texas Film Commission, Corpus Christi has now been certified as an official film friendly location.Under the new certification, Corpus Christi will be brought into the production fold with the state film commission being able to provide additional services for Producers hoping to use the location.

Local Film Commissioner, Heidi Hovda explains: “this allows us to track the economic impact of film-related events in Corpus Christi… we are also able to communicate with film producers and recommend the city as a film location.”

To date, over one hundred unique locations within Texas have been labelled as film friendly and have since benefited from the stature.

She continues: “when film Producers need help I get to connect them with a lot of local filmmakers and that helps them build a resume… at the same time, this helps foster and grow the film community. It also allows others to see this community as a film community.”

While Corpus Christi has hosted a couple of recent productions including Kill or Be Killed and Bad Turn Worse (pictured), recognition from the state film commission should inspire a greater flow of domestic and even international projects to the area.

The state of Texas employs a variety of financial incentives to cover all production types including features, TV shows, commercials and even video games. Film and television projects can receive a tax rebate of up to 20% if a minimum spend of USD250,000 is met.

An additional 2.5% can be added to the incentive if underutilised locations are featured in the project.


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