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BBC sci-fi drama, SS-GB, premiered first two episodes at Berlinale

SS-GB, the BBC’s new sci-fi drama that depicts an alternate history wherein Britain lost the Second World War, has premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. The production travelled to a variety of areas throughout London, with FilmFixer providing assistance on location.

One scene depicts a Nazi burial taking place in Highgate Cemetery, famous for being the location of Karl Marx’s tomb. Due to the sensitive nature of the show’s content, precautions were taken to avoid any confusion with members of the public.

Highgate Cemetery, SS-GB, Locations, Filming, Production, London, BBC, OneFilmFixer Director, Karen Everett explains: “given how uncomfortable many of these scenes are to watch, it took great dedication to detail to protect Londoners throughout this shoot. Any Nazi regalia used during filming were behind walls and screens – unseen by locals. This includes, of course, the footage of Maeve Dermody dressed in a Nazi flag. The production also made sure Met police were on hand to reassure the public, if need be.”

Production on Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle encountered similar issues during its stint in Berlin, where the depiction of Nazi iconography is banned.

St. John Street in Islington was used as the location for a detention camp. The production used close to 100 extras to pack the street and capture a chaotic atmosphere. The aptly named House of Detention, also in Islington, was used for interior shots.

The UK has become a popular production hub for high-end television shows, wherein a 25% tax rebate can be claimed. Productions are expected to meet a minimum local spend of GBP1 million per broadcast hour to qualify for the incentive. Recent shows to have shot locally include Apple Tree Yard and Death in Paradise.

SS-GB will premiere in the UK this Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

(Photo credit: Jodi Moore, FilmFixer).

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