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La La Land and Hidden Figures come out on top at the 4th annual LMGI Awards

The winners of the fourth annual LMGI Awards were announced this weekend at the Steven J. Ross Theatre at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank. La La Land and Hidden Figures came out on top in the feature film categories, with Robert Foulkes and Wes Hagan awarded for their work respectively.

Despite being a contemporary film, La La Land utilised the historic elements of Los Angeles in homage to classic Hollywood musicals. Hidden Figures, while shot in Georgia, recreated 1960s Virginia for the story of a group of African-American women who worked at NASA during the Space Race.

LMGI, Awards, Location Managers, Guild, International, Awards, Film, TV, Commercials, Industry, Production, News, Los Angeles, Warner Bros, Studios, TheatreThe Crown and Westworld emerged in a tie for Outstanding Locations in a Period Television Series, with Pat Karam and Robert Bentley awarded for the former while Mandi Dillin was awarded for the latter.

The Royal Film Commission of Jordan was also awarded for its work on hosting Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Wadi Rum was used to represent the alien planet of Jedha, as the location boasts sprawling golden deserts and a plethora of canyons.

In addition to the categories, honorary awards were distributed to Director Danny Boyle (Eva Monley Award), Location Manager Lori Balton (Trailblazer Award) and Location Professional Stuart Raven Barter (Lifetime Achievement Award). Production Designer Guy Hendrix Dyas was in attendance to accept the award on Boyle’s behalf.

The Location Guide is proud to be a media sponsor of the LMGI Awards.

Full list of winners:

Outstanding Locations in a Period Television Series (TIE)
The Crown - Pat Karam, Robert Bentley/LMGI
Westworld - Mandi Dillin/LMGI

Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary Television Series
The Night Manager - Tom Howard, Daniel Sampedro Palerm

Outstanding Film Commission
Royal Film Commission of Jordan - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Outstanding Locations in a Commercial (TIE)
Bulbs (Macbook Pro) - David Doumeng/LMGI, Charlie Love/LMGI
This Land is Your Land (Johnnie Walker) - JJ Levine/LMGI, Will Brewster/LMGI, Patrick Burn, Dana Hanby

Outstanding Locations in a Period Film
Hidden Figures - Wes Hagan/LMGI, Dan Gorman/LMGI

Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary Film
La La Land - Robert Foulkes/LMGI, Steve Beimler/LMGI

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