Written by Tom Deehan on May 26, 2017. Posted in On Location / Production News

Intrigo: Death of an Author named as first film to access Slovenia’s cash rebate incentive

Intrigo: Death of an Author, the first entry in a planned trilogy of feature films is the first production to access Slovenia’s newly implemented cash rebate incentive. With a dedicated fund of EUR1 million, applications for the first round of the 25% rebate were taken in March.

The Slovenia portion of the shoot began on Monday and concludes today, utilising locations in the city of Ljubljana. Scenes were also shot in Belgrade, Serbia.

Daniel Alfredson, Intrigo, Death of an Author, Film, Filming, Slovenia, Cash, Rebate, Incentive, Locations, News, Production, Industry, CannesThe film is an international co-production between The Amazing Film Company, Enderby Entertainment and Umedia.

Nataša Bučar, Director of the Slovenian Film Centre explains: "Slovenia has a rich film history, but the cash rebate measure will contribute to its international recognisability even further. To date the focus has been on minority co-productions. However, in the future even more fascinating and fruitful international film collaborations will be made possible, as Slovenia is able to provide the international film producers with all the required professional support as well as with filmmakers who understand the art of film and film production."

The Slovenian Film Centre, in collaboration with the Slovenia Tourist Board and the country’s Minister of Culture, attended the Cannes Film Festival this week to present the new incentive on an international scale.

Directed by Daniel Alfredson, Intrigo tells the story of David, a young author who comes into possession of a manuscript sent by critically acclaimed writer, Germund Rein, shortly before he committed suicide.

Slovenia has yet to attract a consistent flow of major international productions due to fierce competition from neighbouring production hubs, a fact that is likely to change with the new incentive in tow.

The subsequent films in the Intrigo trilogy will return to shoot in Slovenia in June and August.


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