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Cannes Lions 2017: 4Creative and Blink Productions win Film Grand Prix with We’re The Superhumans

Channel 4’s inspiring Paralympics campaign, We’re The Superhumans, came away from the Cannes Lions Festival with the highly coveted Film Grand Prix award.

We're the Superhumans, Advert, Commercial, Channel 4, TV, Advertising, News, Cannes Lions, France, FestivalThe spot, which features various paralympians competing in a number of sport activities, has had a successful run during awards season, having recently been crowned ‘Commercial of the Year’ at The British Arrows ceremony.

Produced by Blink Productions in collaboration with advertising agency, 4Creative, both companies emerged as the most successful of the night, taking home 13 awards between them.

David Miami’s clever 15 second spot for Burger King snagged the Grand Prix in the Direct category. Designed to make full use of Google’s smart speaker device, Google Home, the spot activates the technology by prompting it to search for more information about Burger King’s whopper sandwich.

The growing popularity of smart speakers presents a new opportunity for brands to reach potential customers, which will likely result in more interconnectivity between smart speakers and other devices in the future.

We're the Superhumans, Advert, Commercial, Channel 4, TV, Advertising, News, Cannes Lions, France, Festival, Territory, Music Video, The BlazeIn the category of Film Craft, ICONOCLAST’s music video for The Blaze’s Territory came out on top. Shot on location in Algier, the video depicts a man’s emotional return to his family after a long period of time.

A three-way tie emerged in the Cyber category, with Grand Prix’s being awarded to Droga5 New York, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and RBK Communication. Droga5’s campaign for email marketing service, MailChimp, was particularly noteworthy for its unorthodox approach to advertising.

The campaign invented nine different brands, each with names that sound suspiciously close to MailChimp, with the intent of correcting those who searched for more information on Google with search results for MailChimp.

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