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PSN Spain shoots Nissan campaign on the treacherous Costa da Morte

As part of their latest project for Nissan, Production Service Network Spain has filmed in one of the country’s most dangerous locations, known as Costa da Morte (Coast of Death). Located in Gailicia, Costa da Morte is infamous for the number of shipwrecks it has attracted over the years and yet it remains a popular site for picking goose barnacles, a popular delicacy.

Production, Service, Network, Spain, Locations, News, Industry, Film, Filming, Advertising, Commercial, Nissan, Costa da MorteThe short film is part of a campaign to advertise Nissan’s new technology, the Percebeiros Shield, designed to protect local fishermen from oncoming waves. The production was carried out in collaboration with creative agency TBWA Spain, with Pol Orpinell serving as DoP.

PSN Spain’s Executive Producer, Albert Soler explains: “the moment TBWA Spain and Glassworks approached us with the innovative tech intended for the Percebeiros, we were on board to ensure everything on shoot was taken care of, from ideal location to safety procedures and permits to film. While the work of the Percebeiros is dangerous in itself, shooting them at close range is also treacherous. The safety of the crew was of utmost importance so we had to ensure that all measures were in place to get the required footage safely."

The film’s Director, Vicente Gil Ginestar adds: “our principal camera was an ARRI Alexa Mini with Arri Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses and Angénieux Optimo Style zoom. We also used other cameras like Sony A7SII with Contax Zeiss lenses to capture the fishing action from various angles on land and overhead for aerials shot aboard a drone.”

Spain currently operates film incentive programme to stimulate local production activity. While inaccessible to commercials productions, projects that spend a minimum of EUR1 million within the country can receive a tax rebate of up to 35%.

ICONOCLAST recently shot their commercial for Haig Whiskey, in collaboration with twentyfour seven, in a variety of locations throughout Barcelona.


Client: Nissan

Creative agency: TBWA\España

Production director: Ignasi Céspedes

Production coordinator: Júlia Cayetano Díaz

Production company: PSN Spain (Mamma team)

Executive producer: Albert Soler

Dop: Pol Orpinell

Director: Vicente Gil Ginestar



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