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Guinness travels to Los Angeles in latest commercial from AMV BBDO

The streets of Los Angeles star as the backdrop for Guinness’ latest commercial, envisioned by creative agency, AMV BBDO. Entitled The Compton Cowboys, the spot features a real-life group of cowboys riding on horseback in South Central, Compton and Downtown LA.

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The project was shot over a period of four days in July 2017 and is part of AMV BBDO’s ‘Made of More’ campaign for Guinness, which highlights the lives of extraordinary individuals.

Vicky Allard of AMV BBDO explains: “the ‘Made of More’ campaign sums up the substance and character of Guinness and celebrates people who themselves show character and substance. The Compton Cowboys have made a bold and unexpected choice to live a different life and are devoted to their horses and each other, but are really more just a tight group of friends, which was very important to us. When we learned more about them and saw where the environments through which they ride - and finally met these amazing guys - we knew they were totally deserving of the description 'Made of More'.”

She continues: “one the of the challenges was to capture LA's beautiful ‘magic light’ as the sun is setting - you only have about 30 minutes to capture that glow and as we were shooting with many horses and non-actors, we had to be very organised and move extremely quickly to make this happen. We had an incredible DOP, Greig Fraser (Rogue One) and a fast-hard working Los Angeles crew who helped us achieve this. We also used experienced horse wranglers throughout the process. Because, for the sake of authenticity, we were filming in some extremely run-down parts of South Central, we had a constant security presence from former members of LAPD.”

Los Angeles boasts one of the most active production hubs in the world. The California Film Commission recently announced that a total production spend of USD3.7 billion had been achieved in the state over the last two years.

While inapplicable to commercials productions, California does operate a dedicated film incentive programme. Feature films, television series and independent films can receive a tax credit of up to 25% to offset locally incurred expenditure.

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