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Greece offers sand, sea and cityscapes in latest Beck's commercial

Greece stars as the sole location in the latest commercial from Beck’s, directed by Jack Driscoll, produced by Markenfilm Berlin and created by advertising agency, Serviceplan International. The country was chosen for its ability to depict urban and natural landscapes within a short distance of one another.

Beck's, Commercial, Advertising, Film, Filming, Greece, Athens, Locations, Production, Industry, TLG, News, Article, Editorial, Publishing, WritingProduction services were provided by Avion Films, whose previous credits include spots for Alfa Weiss Beer and Visa.

In detailing the shoot, Frederik Poppenk, Producer at Markenfilm Berlin explain: “the challenge was to find the right country where we could find a beautiful rooftop with an urban feel as well as stunning sea and nature scenery. We wanted to shoot somewhere that felt special and that hasn’t been seen as film location a hundred times before like Barcelona. In Greece we found the perfect mix of urban and natural scenery that was needed for our commercial.”

“We scouted many places for the festival location and finally decided to shoot on an abandoned airport because it was spacious enough to create a big crowd scene and create an epic sense of scale. During the tech recce we found out that we could get access to the airport building, which is where we created a few smaller, spontaneous scenes (BMX, people running, parachute).”

Beck's, Commercial, Advertising, Film, Filming, Greece, Athens, Locations, Production, Industry, TLG, News, Article, Editorial, Publishing, WritingGreece is often overlooked as a filming location in favour of more established production hubs with tax incentives. For commercials productions however, Greece provides an opportunity to indulge in a variety of location types at a lower than average cost.

Poppenk adds: “for the jet skier and fire vignette we needed one location where we could shoot both vignettes since there was no time on the day for a company move. The challenge was to find one location that could give you the feeling that you where in two different locations. We shot the jet-surfers with a drone and from a boat with a jib arm. Since the jet surfing took place on the open sea, having the right weather conditions was essential. We had to postpone the shoot for two days because of heavy wind and some rain but on the day we filmed, the sea was calm and the weather beautiful.”



Client: Beck’s

Senior Brand Manager: Barbara Kleine-Kalmer

Marketing Manager: Susanne Koop

Agency: Serviceplan Campaign International

Managing Director Creation: Markus Kremer

Management Supervisor: Lars Holling

Senior Art Director: Sebastian Stabenau

Senior Copy Writer: Sämi Bouchareb

Producer: Marcus Wetschewald

Production: Markenfilm Berlin

Executive producer: Robert Tewes

Director: Jack Driscoll

DOP: Julian Hohndorf

Producer: Frederik Poppenk

Editor: Stephen Dunne

Production Service Company: Avion Films

Executive Producer - Partner: Annabelle Aronis


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