Written by Tom Deehan on Jan 24, 2018. Posted in On Location / Production News

Steven Soderbergh’s HBO series, Mosaic, incurred a USD10 million spend in Utah

Steven Soderbergh’s new HBO drama, Mosaic, incurred an estimated USD10 million spend while filming on location in Utah. The six-part series is comprised of footage that was previously used in an interactive experience of the same name which allowed viewers to make choices that would affect the narrative.

Mosaic, Film, Filming, HBO, Utah, Locations, News, Article, Publishing, Writing, Entertainment, Production, IndustryThe series was filmed on location in Park City and Salt Lake City, with additional scenes shot in New Orleans. Based on its incurred expenditure, the production was able to receive a USD2.6 million tax credit from the state of Utah.

Produced and distributed by HBO, Mosaic stars Sharon Stone as Olivia Lake, a children’s book author whose murder sparks a complex investigation in the fictional town of Summit, Utah.

Additional cast members include Paul Reubens, Maya Kazan, Devin Ratray and James Ransone.

Utah has become a fairly popular location for HBO-backed productions, having recently hosted filming for the second season of Westworld.

Productions that spend anywhere between USD500,000 and USD1 million in the state of Utah can receive a 20% tax credit in return. An additional 5% is available for productions that spend more than USD1 million.

Utah’s production incentive operates on an annual fund of USD8.29 million. The incentive has allowed Utah to remain competitive in the face of nearby production hubs such as California and New Mexico.

Louisiana also provides its own film incentive programme, with a base tax credit of 25%. The rate can increase to 45% if a locally sourced screenplay is being adapted and if filming occurs outside of the New Orleans Metro Statistical Area.


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