Written by Tom Deehan on Apr 3, 2018. Posted in On Location / Production News

Idris Elba’s In the Long Run brought London back to the 1980s

Idris Elba’s new series, In the Long Run, filmed locations throughout Kingston and Lewisham in London to portray its 1980s setting. Loosely based on Idris’ childhood, In the Long Run is a co-production between Green Door Pictures and Sprout Pictures.

In the Long Run, NOW TV, Sky, Film, Filming, TV, Show, News, Article, Publishing, WritingFilmFixer provided assistance for the shoot which also traveled to Sutton, Southwark and Lambeth. FilmFixer Director, Karen Everett explains: “the Cambridge Road Estate in Kingston hosted a great deal of filming over a week in late October early November, filming scenes extensively around the estate, along the stairwells and walkways and in front of key flats. All the main characters were filmed around the estate, giving residents a bit of a thrill really to see actors like Idris Elba and Bill Bailey at work outside their homes.”

Everett continues: “the Czar Street Estate in Lewisham helped out with key scenes filmed in December and the Times Square car park in Sutton played the car park at 1980s Heathrow. The stars were filmed walking through the shopping centre link tunnel and getting into their car.”

In addition to creating the series, Idris Elba stars alongside Bill Bailey, Jimmy Akingbola, Kellie Shirley and Madeline Appiah.

FilmFixer oversees production activity in several London boroughs, with recent projects including the BBC’s Collateral and Hard Sun.

Television shows that incur a minimum spend of GBP1 million per-broadcast hour whilst filming in the UK can receive a 25% tax rebate. The incentive has attracted an array of high-end shows including Game of Thrones, Black Mirror and The Crown.

All six episodes of In the Long Run are now available to stream online.


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