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This year’s straight 8 shootout branches out East, West and South from its London base

Applications are now open to enter this year’s straight 8 ad industry charity shootout. The one super 8 cartridge no editing film challenge takes the format in new directions launching simultaneous contests in Japan, USA and South Africa from its London base.

dfv20 ad industry companies in each region will have the chance to make a 2.5 minute short film created purely in-camera, on one cartridge of super 8mm film. Every shot is taken in story order and any visual effects, colouring or titling must be done the old-fashioned way: as part of the shoot. Original soundtracks are made blind to be synched up with the film at the premiere.

Un-developed film cartridges are sent to Cinelab London, who process and scan the films ready to be seen, for the very first time, at each region’s premiere during November and December. A live vote by ad industry peers decides which company will donate the prize money to the charity of their choice.

Since the shootout launched in 2016 with APA London, Top ad companies from around the world have risen to straight 8’s challenge and found the contest exhilarating. Asif Kapadia, Academy, Bafta & Grammy Award winning writer-director, and jury member for straight 8 annual open competition since 2016 says “I started shooting on Super 9 and 16mm. Film is precious. With no video assist you trust your instincts. This is what I love about straight 8. The magic of cinema in its purest form.”

Ed Sayers, straight 8 founder argues “There’s something thrilling about shooting a film and then not being allowed to do a thing with it until its cinema screening. No polishing it to within an inch of its life. No being sick of the sight of it by the time it’s done”.

The 2018 ad industry charity contest will allow companies from the USA, Japan and South Africa to show their industry peers exactly what they can do. More info on straight 8 shootout can be found here. www.straight8.net/shootout.

Individual country competition information and registrations are below;

JapanUSASouth Africa



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