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Ridley Scott directs first advertisement in 15 years in collaboration with Hennessy

The Hollywood heavyweight has directed a series of spots titled Hennessy X.O. – Experience Worlds of Greatness that will be released in seven episodes due for official release in 2019. The campaign is produced through Scott’s production company RSA which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

5lhfyUmwScott cut his teeth in filmmaking as a director of commercial advertisements but went on to find global success directing feature films such as Blade Runner, AlienGladiator and The Martian. Now, the Oscar winning director will return to his roots with a seven-episode campaign that will explore each note of Hennessy X.O.’s iconic taste in a series of visual taste-scapes.

Each chapter has a tantalising title taking inspiration from the liquor's seven notes. Scott constructed a surreal journey through seven ‘worlds’ themed around the titles of ‘Rising Heat’, ‘Spicy Edge’, ‘Flowering Flame’, ‘Chocolate Lull’, ‘Wood Crunches’ and ‘Infinite Echo’, for the full campaign film.

cHOF2T-QScott explained why the project convinced him to re-enter the advertising world saying “I’ve always been thinking if something special comes along I would do it. This is special, its more than advertising, its a form of entertainment. I think advertising has realised that after 30 years it must shift back to entertainment and stop treating their consumers like demographics. This is pure art that we are doing. That’s what attracted me”

kQIEysrAThe project allowed Scott the creative scope to fully exploit his filmmaking prowess and the project is expected to adhere to his traditionally subversive style. The Global CMO for Hennessy noted that supporting Scott’s creative process was a priority for the campaign because “luxury appeal is about emotion, it’s about building a dream. Who better than a world-creator like Ridley Scott for Hennessy X.O., the iconic flagship of our range, the Original X.O? His mastery and imagination are unsurpassed, he will capture our audience’s hearts and minds”.

The project is currently in post-production, but audiences will have to wait until 2019 to see what magic Scott has in store. A series of seven 3D ads have been produced by Berlin-based Foam Studios and will be released this autumn as a precursor to the full campaign film’s debut in 2019.

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