Written by Shona Smith on Oct 12, 2018. Posted in General Interest

Joyrider produced Pack More In for Original Source

Original Source’s return to TV advertising flaunts the brands vibrant spirit with a rapid fire VFX heavy spot produced by Joyrider.  

JoyRider2The highly charged 30 second spot used split screens and VFX techniques to clone the protagonist and her activities throughout the day after using Original Source shower gel. Real macro and animated fruit blended together with various VFX techniques are incorporated throughout the commercial with playful transitions. Shot in London, the spot took stylistic cues from social media’s simple editing techniques, FX loops as well as Snapchat and Instagram filters.

JoyRiderFrom showering at home to cycling through London, swimming, boxing and going on a romantic dinner date a lot is packed into the brief ad. Directed by Jonathan Irwin heightened reality, visual effects and bright palettes were used to create a tightly choreographed sequence of split-screens and seamless transitions. By compressing the time and physical distance between activities with a combination of kinetic motion, quick camera moves, rapid fire editing and split screens, the  Original Source’s message of packing more in came to the fore.

Joyrider did the production for the commercial and completed the VFX in-house. Executive Producer at Joyrider Spencer Friend, who produced the spot said “we’re committed to cultivating an unusual, funky and influential concoction of work that crosses technique and style spectrums of live action, animation and VFX combinations”.

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