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Mortal Engines showcases New Zealand's production prowess

MRC and Universal's Mortal Engines based production at New Zealand film studios, chiefly employing local professionals. The film received the 20% cash rebate as well as a 5% uplift only available to certain productions. 

MTENGCJ_D002_SWA_0620D_LONDON_HESTER_SANS NKThe film is set thousands of years after the destruction of civilisation as we know it, when humans have developed a new way of living where moving cities roam the earth, and wars are commonplace. Helmed by Kiwi director Christian Rivers, the adventure film is based on a screenplay from Academy-Award-winning filmmakers Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens.

Predominantly taking place at Stone Street Studios and Avalon Studios in Wellington, New Zealand, shooting lasted for sixteen weeks between April and July 2017.

2488_TP2_00126RThe film has proved to be a chance for the local film sector to showcase the level and depth of talent available in New Zealand. Local crew made up 98% of the total and the majority of the Heads of Departments were Kiwi. According to the New Zealand film commission, over one thousand New Zealanders, including cast, crew and skilled workers were contracted during principal photography.

Post production was completed by Park Road Post Production where the Weta Digital team carried out visual effects at the Wellington based post production facility.

2488_TP3_00159RDave Gibson, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Film Commission put forth that “this showcases that New Zealand can cater for large scale full-service productions”. Grant McPherson, Chief Executive of Education New Zealand underlined that the reliance on local production professionals “supports our brand positioning of New Zealand as a modern, dynamic and creative country with a lot to offer in the highly competitive international education market.”

The New Zealand Screen Production Grant offers international productions a 20% cash rebate on Qualifying New Zealand Production Expenditure. An additional 5% uplift is also available for certain productions who are invited to apply if they can demonstrate significant additional economic benefits as a result of filming in New Zealand.

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