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Filming on Glaciers FAQ

Want to film a winter scene during the summer? Need a scene to look like Greenland, the North Pole or a Russian research outpost in the arctic? Iceland offers some of the most spectacular glaciers in the world and our team at Sagafilm has extensive experience in servicing film and television shoots on top of them all year round.

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glacier-in-Iceland-5Glaciers are some of Iceland’s most popular attractions due to the scenic views and the easy accessibility in comparison to glacial areas in other countries. Many of Iceland’s most beautiful glaciers are a short distance from the only highway in Iceland called the ring road, providing good accessibility for film crews. Furthermore, due to the close proximity to the ring road, services such as hotels, restaurants and shops are also often within a short distance. However the glaciers are popular amongst tourists and filmmakers as both industries are booming for the same reason; breathtaking views and incredible accessibility. Some of the most accessible glaciers can be crowded with tourists at times and unfortunately difficult for film crews to receive permits to close down completely. Alternatively, the Icelandic summer offers 24/7 daylight and therefore shooting during the night is an option in the more crowded locations.


glacier-in-Iceland-4   Furthermore, the larger glaciers such as Vatnajökull cover up to 8,100km2, resulting in plenty of options and space to film away from the crowded tourist spots. When shooting on a glacier it is crucial to work with a well equipped and experienced team. The Icelandic glaciers have claimed the lives of tourists, but under the supervision of professional glacier guides and a skilled Icelandic film crew, there is no reason to fear for personal safety. The local crews are well aware of the dangers and have a great deal of experience handling various situations in difficult environments and safety is always the number one priority under any circumstance. The weather can change drastically within minutes on a glacier and it is difficult to rely on the weather forecast due to inaccuracy. Therefore planning a shoot on a glacier requires flexibility and understanding. That said, our team has extensive experience with glacier shoots and is able to advise based on the needs of your production.


Furthermore, we are able to review all possible scenarios prior to the shooting commences. For further information on shooting on a glacier in Iceland, please contact our Executive Producer of Coproductions and Production Services, Steinarr Logi Nesheim, steinarr@sagafilm.is or visit our website.


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