Written by Shona Smith on Apr 3, 2019. Posted in General Interest / Production News

Belgium Lites Studio opens its doors with an advanced underwater stage

Lites Studio in Belgium is able to hold five productions at once within its facility. Five state of the art studios, one of which is an advanced water stage capable of underwater filming, are now available to international productions.

Wim Michaels from Lites explains that the studio provides “stages offering a number of unique possibilities to international productions”. The new underwater stage is able to be converted into a flooded stage or a wet stage for water surface filming and is one of the most advanced studios providing these capabilities. Moreover, underwater cameras, lighting and crew are all available provided by the studio, as well as equipment for dry filming.

Lites OpeningThe underwater stage contains six million litres of warm water heated to a standard 30C (86F) and the movable pool floor can be positioned at any depth for dry set construction and submerging. Water FX possibilities include waves measuring up to one metre, rain, mist and dump tanks. Large blue, green and projection screens are available for use both underwater and on the surface.

Located in Brussels, Belgium productions based at the studio may be eligible for the countries 42% tax incentive, and some shoots may qualify for regional incentives operated by Screen Brussels.


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